Updating the Parties Registered to Contest the 2021 Western Australian Election

News 2 FebruaryMy election guide for the WA election has now been published.


5 February – the proposal to re-name “Daylight Saving Party” as “Daylight Saving Party – the National Liberals” with ballot paper abbreviation “National Liberals” was rejected.
2 February – the first of the contentious name change applications has been approved. The Flux Party will now appear on ballot papers as ‘Liberals for Climate’.
29 January – registration of Great Australian Party and Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party approved.
19 January – the Small Business Party name change to WAXit Party has been approved.
13 January – the No Mandatory Vaccination Party has now been registered.

In December 2020 I published posts on controversial applications to change the names of two Western Australian political parties. Both applications are attempts by minor parties to adopt ballot paper party names that could easily be confused with the Liberal Party.

The first post dealt with an application by Flux the System! to appear on ballot papers as Liberals for Climate. The second was an application by the Daylight Saving Party to appear on ballot papers as the National Liberals. There is also a good article on the applications on the ABC News site.

Both changes, plus applications to register new parties, indicate that WA voters are set to face large upper house ballot papers from a record number of registered parties. It’s all part of a typical preference harvesting strategy by minor and micro-parties, still possible in Western Australia as the state continues to use group ticket voting to elect the Legislative Council.

Such arranged preference deals were abolished federally with reform of the Senate’s electoral system in 2016.

To keep track of what’s going on as the WA election approaches, I’ll use this post to follow the late rush of applications to change and/or register parties.

The table below lists all parties that have registered to contest the 2021 election. Parties register both a party name and a party abbreviation. The abbreviation is printed on ballot papers next to the names of the party’s candidates.

I’ll update the table as applications are approved. Below the table I’ll keep track of the applications and their progress towards approval.

Once the WA Electoral Commission accepts an application, it is advertised in the WA Government Gazette and 30 days are allowed for objections and comments to be lodged. The party register will close on 11 February at the start of the election campaign. With the 30 day objection period, it means parties have until the end of the first week of January to lodge and have their applications advertised. It is now too late to register a party for the election.

Parties Registered to Contest 2021 Western Australian Election

Party Name Abbreviation New
Australian Labor Party (Western Australian Branch) WA Labor .. ..
The Liberal Party of Australia (Western Australian Division) Inc Liberal Party .. ..
The Greens (WA) Inc The Greens (WA) .. ..
National Party of Australia (WA) Inc THE NATIONALS .. ..
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Pauline Hanson’s One Nation .. ..
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (WA) Shooters, Fishers and Farmers .. ..
Liberal Democratic Party Liberal Democrats .. ..
Animal Justice Party .. .. ..
Australian Christians (WA) Australian Christians .. ..
Daylight Saving Party Daylight Saving Party .. ..
Health Australia Party Health Australia Party .. Yes
WAXit Party WAXit Party .. Yes
Socialist Alliance WA Socialist Alliance .. ..
Liberals for Climate – the Flux Network Liberals for Climate .. Yes
Great Australian Party Great Australian Party Yes ..
Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party Yes ..

Below are the details of changes to the register since the 2017 election, along with details of advertised applications to make changes.

Parties de-registered since the 2017 election

  • Family First Party WA

New parties registered since the 2017 election

  • NO MANDATORY VACCINATION PARTY (registered 6 January)
  • Great Australian Party (registered 29 January)
  • Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party (registered 29 January)

Party name changes since the 2017 election.

  • Julie Mathieson for Western Australia re-named Western Australian Party (July 2017)
  • Micro Business Party re-named Small Business Party (October 2018) and the WAXit Party (January 2021)
  • Fluoride Free WA Party re-named Health Australia Party (May 2019)
  • The Flux Party – WA has been re-named Liberals for Climate – The Flux Network with the party abbreviation Liberals for Climate (February 2021)

Applications to Register or Change Details of Parties

WA Government Gazette 1 December 2020

Applications open for comment until 4 January.

  • Application to register – party name NO MANDATORY VACCINATION PARTY, ballot paper abbreviation NO MANDATORY VACCINATION, party secretary Cameron Tinley. (Registration approved 6 January)
  • Application to change party name – change The Flux Party – WA to Liberals For Climate – The Flux Network, ballot paper abbreviation Liberals For Climate, party secretary Daithí Gleeson. (Change approved 2 January 2021)

Update: 6 January 2021, No Mandatory Vaccination Party – the Secretary of the party is Cameron Tinley with a Facebook page here and a second page under his name here. Tinley was a Micro Business Party candidate at the 2017 election. The party was re-named the Small Business Party after the election and he was still listed on Facebook as a Small Business Party candidate in mid-2019.

Further Update 6 Jan 2021 – Cam Tinley contacted me and says he would have tidied up those Facebook pages but he can’t log in to delete them because he has been banned by both Twitter and Facebook under their new policies blocking Anti-Vaxx posts. He also reminded me of this article from The West Australian in 2017 on his opposition to being part of Glenn Druery’s micro-party alliance and its exotic arranged preference deals. With group voting tickets still used to elect the WA Legislative Council, the same sort of preference harvesting games are underway in 2021.

WA Government Gazette 8 December 2020

Applications open for comment until 11 January.

  • Application to register a ballot paper abbreviation for Health Australia Party, party secretary Robert Ellis. (Approved 12 January)
  • Application to change party name – change Small Business Party to WAxit Party, ballot paper abbreviation WAxit, party secretary Emily Wallis. (Approved 12 January 2021)

Update: 6 January 2021, WAXit Party – the new name for the Small Business Party, but the first two candidates named by the party have been seen before. South Metropolitan Region candidate Peter McLernon was Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party (UAP) candidate for Swan at the 2019 Federal election, and Mining and Pastoral Region candidate Brenden Hatton was UAP candidate for Durack. Also associated with the party has been businessman Russell Sewell, who was the 2nd candidate on the UAP Senate ticket in 2019. The lead WA Senate candidate in 2019 was James McDonald, who was a PUP/UAP candidate at Queensland state elections in 2015 and 2020, and a Queensland UAP Senate candidate in 2016.

Government Gazette 22 December 2020

Applications open for comment until 25 January.

  • Application to register – party name Great Australian Party, ballot paper abbreviation Great Australian Party, party secretary Ioanna Culleton. (Registration approved 29 January)
  • Application to register – party name LEGALISE CANNABIS WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY, ballot paper abbreviation Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party, party secretary James Brown. (Registration approved 29 January)
  • Application to change party name – change Daylight Saving Party to Daylight Saving Party – The National Liberals, ballot paper abbreviation National Liberals, party secretary Brett Tucker. (Proposed name change rejected)

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  1. Great summary thanks Anthony
    2021 is going to be an interesting year in WA with a state government election in March, then local government election in October and potentially a federal government election in November or ?
    And all with boundary changes either before or after the election just to confuse people
    Good luck to you in 2021 and hope you stay healthy
    Kind regards Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Re

  2. West Aussie not in need of a wax. Ok, maybe, but we don't need to go into that...

    It should be Wexit, not Waxit. Nothing’s being waxed, they are wanting to exit something. Fits better with the pronunciation too, for West, than for WA (dubble-yoo-ay).

    COMMENT: The name that appears on ballot papers is WAxit with two capital letters. Given voters see rather than hear the name, it’s pretty obvious why it is spelt that way.

  3. Can we get a list of preferences the minors votes go to?

    COMMENT: The upper house preference tickets are available at this link.

    If you mean the lower house, preferences go where the voter sends then. Parties can’t determine where lower house preferences go, just try to influence them with how-to-votes. Parties distribute how-to-votes and they are not registered anywhere. Check party websites if you are interested.

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