Tonight’s Count

For anyone thinking I might be blogging tonight, I’m not. I’m doing live coverage on ABC Television tonight. I’m not doing twitter either because I’m doing live television.

I will be blogging from Sunday with result updates. The ABC election site will be running a full results service. It will run for the next few weeks until all results are final and I will be fine tuning the results site over coming days to keep it as accurate as possible.

15 thoughts on “Tonight’s Count”

  1. When will the two party preferred in the seats where the it’s not labour and liberal contests come out

    ANSWER: A considerable time after the election. The AEC will first finalise the final count and winning candidate in each seat. Only after that will additional work be done on the ballot papers to calculate a two-party preferred result in each seat.

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work. You brought such comfort and clarity. I have grown up watching you cover elections and it’s something that is truly a marvel to see. It’s been a family tradition to watch you and while I am the only member of my family left to it’s a tradition I care deeply about continuing. Well done sir. Bloody well done.

  3. Hello Anthony. Just to say Thank You for your excellent coverage of the election. And all of the elections!
    Warm regards
    Catherine Whelan

  4. I made a prediction before the count, how wrong was I?

    Don’t know much about WA but it got Labor over the line, plus the independents taking the Lib vote in the east was predicted.

  5. Anthony Green, you’re a genius. When you speak election results, I listen. When anybody else tries, I yawn. I’ve been hoping for a hung parliament for months to end this LNP/ALP nonsense.

  6. Thank you for your efforts last night. You made my day when at about 8.45 Adelaide time you said the COALition couldn’t form government. That was enough for me, but I still stayed up until midnight to watch the rest unfold. Your analysis is clear, honest, and I trust it.

  7. Antony

    Much has been discussed about the first preference counts of the major parties, given the Teals were there the real opponents of the government in the seats they contested and effectively decimated the Labour vote in those seats, what were the national first preferences if those seats were set aside.
    Thank you for excellent work on election night, frantic as it was, you are without a doubt a national treasure

  8. Last nights election analysis, forecasting and presentation was the best. Accuracy and balance way ahead of any other channels.

  9. Sat up with my son and watched last night as we do every election. Wonderful entertainment seeing the mind of Antony ‘My brain is burning’ Green at work.

  10. Brilliant coverage, as always. I can’t actually imagine what point a televised federal election live count would have without your insights and amazing psephological software. Thank you so much!

  11. Hi Antony given the decline in the primary vote of Labor and the LNP, and given the irrelevance and/or subsequent redundancy of many 2CP counts on election night will you, and do you think the AEC should, perform a 3CP count in some seats instead?

    Obvious seats to start with would be those seats the Greens won in QLD but also those others where they can close, such as McNamara and Richmond.
    Whilst on Richmond what chance the Libs rather than the Nats run there next time given the huge swing against them? And will the Libs be eying off the Tweed state seat as well after Provest quits? Note the huge increase in liberal vote in tweed council elections as well…

    COMMENT: There are few seats that require 3CP. The AEC is better to continue with its current procedure of doing 3CP counts in the check count rather than on the night.

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