NSW Election Website Launched

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been extremely busy pulling together my Election website for the ABC as well as writing a preview paper for the NSW Parliamentary Library.

First, my ABC NSW Election site has been published. You can find it at this link.

This above link is for the electorate index page where you can find links to the profile pages for each of the 93 electorates. Profile pages includes MP details, an electorate description, a map, history, analysis of past voting trends, changing boundary maps, polling place maps and also some maps of Federal election polling place results overlaid on NSW electoral boundaries.

Names, pictures and links to campaign websites are included. Use the “Send your feedback” link if there are candidates that should be added or if you spot errors. It is a very large site which is difficult to get proof read. (UPDATE – I’ve just noticed that the Feedback link is not working. I’ll get a developer to fix it tomorrow.)

There are only a few candidate profiles on the site at this stage. More will be added as election day approaches. The site is not static and I add new material to the electorate pages daily.

The site includes the usual navigation pages, a candidate index, key seats page and a retiring members page. The election preview will be available next week and there will be a Legislative Council page at some point before the election.

At the top of each page, the ‘NSW Votes’ link takes you to the election’s News home page.

If you are interested in the Legislative Council, see the new post I’ve just added with highlights from a publication on the 2019 Council election. The publication includes an Appendix that examines prospects for the 2023 Legislative Council election.

2 thoughts on “NSW Election Website Launched”

  1. Will there be a upper and lower house election calculator for nsw votes 2023?

    COMMENT: No. There are no preference tickets so there are no formulas to use for the Legislative Council. For the lower house, the increase in non-2-party contests is making it very difficult to produce a swing calculator that doesn’t require a quarter of seats to have manual overrides.

  2. Is there a reason for the seat of Wollondilly you’re not using the liberal and the independent for the 2CP calculation? Judy Hannan easily beat Labor last last time around and came in second place and she’s running a very active campaign again this time, whereas Labor seems to be running pretty much dead in the seat and has picked an 18 year old as their candidate. Using a traditional lib vs lab just seems to make this seat far safer than it actually is, given Hannan’s results last time.

    COMMENT: I keep the margins under review on the ABC election site as the election approaches. The ABC site has been switched to use the Independent margin.

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