NSW By-elections – Post-Election Vote by Type

I am getting vast numbers of search engine accesses to this site. If you are after updates on the four NSW by-elections last weekend, please go to my commentary page on the ABC elections website at .

This page includes table comparing vote by type between 2019 and 222 for all four seats.

I was going to publish those tables in this post but can’t see a reason yet to duplicate the details on that commentary page.

There are links to updated results for each electorate at that page.

3 thoughts on “NSW By-elections – Post-Election Vote by Type”

  1. Hi Antony,

    I really appreciated the maps of the electoral districts that were on your display during the ABC coverage of the by-elections. I hope you’ll continue using these in the future, they’re great for those who aren’t so familiar with electoral geography.

  2. Antony
    Given the considerable discrepancy between pre-poll votes and Election Day votes might suggest that the independent vote swing strengthened in the last week of the by-election (“premise”) do you know if the NSWEC is counting postal votes in order by date of receipt? If this was so, accepting the premise, might the later uncounted 20,000 postal votes tend more strongly toward the independent than those counted today (Saturday)?

    COMMENT: 10,000 postal votes were counted Saturday and recorded a Liberal 55.5% result, about the same as pre-poll. There are another 15,000 for counting in two lots over the next week. As an observation, Independents traditionally do poorly with postal votes, though the postal voting at these by-elections was conducted under very different rules.

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