Live Coverage of Brisbane City Council, Inala and Ipswich West By-elections

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Updated Tuesday 19 March 5pm AEDT

The tables below summarises the result. There are updates on latest figures being logged inside the post.

Results Summary

Inala by-election Labor retain
Ipswich West by-election LNP GAIN
Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner re-elected
Brisbane Wards LNP retain majority

Brisbane Council – Wards Won by Party

Wards won 17 5 2 1 1
Leading 1 .. .. .. ..

Brisbane Wards – Councillors Elected

Ward Margin and Incumbent Result
Bracken Ridge LNP – Sandy Landers Re-elected
Calamvale LNP – Angela Owen Labor GAIN
Central LNP – Vicki Howard Re-elected
Chandler LNP – Ryan Murphy Re-elected
Coorparoo LNP – Fiona Cunningham Re-elected
Deagon ALP – Jared Cassidy Re-elected
Doboy LNP – Lisa Atwood Re-elected
Enoggera LNP – Andrew Wines Re-elected
Forest Lake ALP – Charles Strunk Re-elected
Hamilton LNP – Julia Dixon Re-elected
Holland Park LNP – Krista Adams Re-elected
Jamboree LNP – Sarah Hutton Re-elected
Macgregor LNP – Steven Huang Re-elected
Marchant LNP – Danita Parry Re-elected
McDowall LNP – Tracy Davis Re-elected
Moorooka ALP – Steve Griffiths Re-elected
Morningside ALP – Lucy Collier Re-elected
Northgate LNP – Adam Allan LNP ahead
Paddington LNP – Clare Jenkinson Greens GAIN
Pullenvale LNP – Greg Adermann Re-elected
Runcorn LNP – Kim Marx Re-elected
Tennyson IND – Nicole Jonhston Re-elected
The Gabba GRN – Trina Massey Re-elected
The Gap LNP – Steve Toomey Re-elected
Walter Taylor LNP – Penny Wolff Re-elected
Wynnum-Manly ALP – Sara Whitmee LNP gain

Tuesday 19 March

Today's counting clarified that Labor would gain Calamvale and the the Greens had gained Paddington. The LNP remain ahead in Northgate bu the lead has narrowed.

Sunday 17 March

17:00 aedt update

  • Calamvale: LNP held, 67.2% counted ALP ahead on 51.6%
  • Paddington: GRN now only ahead after huge batch of postal votes arrived. 66.2% counted, Greens ahead on 50.6%.
  • Northgate: Check count found a 150 correction in favour of the LNP. 71.5% counted, LNP ahead 50.5%

15:30 aedt update

  • Calamvale: LNP held, 67.1% counted ALP ahead on 51.6%
  • Paddington: GRN ahead. LNP did even better on postal votes than in 2020 which has narrowed the gap substantially and reduces the chance of the Greens winning.
  • Northgate: LNP held, 71.5% counted, ALP ahead on 50.0%

13:30 aedt update - LNP gain Wynnum-Manly
LNP claim Marchant. Postal votes will arrive soon that will put Paddington back into doubt.

  • Calamvale: LNP held, 67.1% counted ALP ahead on 51.6%
  • Marchant: LNP held, 57.8% counted, LNP win with 52.5%
  • Northgate: LNP held, 71.5% counted, ALP ahead on 50.0%

12:30 aedt update - LNP gain Wynnum-Manly

  • Calamvale: LNP held, 59.3% counted ALP ahead on 50.9%
  • Marchant: LNP held, 50.3% counted, ALP ahead on 50.3%
  • Northgate: LNP held, 71.5% counted, ALP ahead on 50.0%
  • Wynnum-Manly: ALP held, 79.4% counted, LNP gain 51.9%

Close seats at 11:30am AEDT

  • Calamvale: LNP held, 52.1% counted ALP ahead on 50.5%
  • Marchant: LNP held, 42.1% counted, ALP ahead on 50.1%
  • Northgate: LNP held, 68.7% counted, LNP ahead on 50.1%
  • Wynnum-Manly: ALP held, 45.6% counted, LNP ahead on 51.2%

Walter Taylor - Now LNP retain after the addition of postal votes.

Coorparoo - Further counting confirmed ward as LNP hold.

6 thoughts on “Live Coverage of Brisbane City Council, Inala and Ipswich West By-elections”

  1. Everyone I’ve spoken to today has reported long queues. I suspect the ECQ was unprepared for how many would go back to in person voting after 2020’s almost entirely postal election.

    1. Queue length may be perception. Where I voted it was more a fact that the concept of social distancing was entirely abandoned. It was on the same indoor sports court however they chose for force people into1/4 of the court. The queues were uncomfortably close compared to any previous time (irrelevent of covid). It was so dense and with poor coordination that the 2 queues for away voting stretched the width of the court out the door (at 2:30pm normally quiet time of day) No one could see the queue signage as it was near desk level below sight lines of queues. The other 2 lines (of 4 available) were not as visible as they extended across the half the basketball court with people in these lines were pressed up against where people were meant to be voting. As the 2 away vote queues extended past these voting boxes these other 2 queues.were obsqured from view. It was some of the most absurd and incompetent organisation ive ever seen having voted in this location for over almost 2 decades. They had an unimpeded entire basketball court and chose to create this tiny area occupying less than one quarter of the space (probably 1/6 of the room volume), forcing everyone into close contact for no logical reason. I would say at every other election (local, state or fed) early arvo is very efficient and always under 20 mins. Today was closer to 40 mins with tight queues entirely due to incompetence (making it feel like a longer wait). I also noticed most people (pretty much all people) had voting cards. Ive lived in the same house for almost 20 yrs and did not get anyahing from the electoral comision advising of todays election. My residence is over 100yrs old so its not as though its a new address for the electoral commission. Providing voting cards to some people and not others isnt a good look in what is meant to be a democracy. Perhaps the electoral commission had budget cuts or lost some of its more competent organisers since the last election.

  2. There were just two ECQ officers taking on-electorate votes at St Andrew’s church in Indooroopilly (that was Quentin Bryce’s local church). That’s fewer than a third of the officers who would normally perform that function. Took over half an hour to get inside to vote when it would normally be less than five minutes.

  3. Voted at Sophia College Plainlands, the wait was one hour in the hot sun. Only 2 ECQ officers doing the job, and only 4 booths in a small classroom.

  4. Antony when will the two party preferred be released in the council ward of Tennyson held by a independent

    COMMENT: The ECQ does not do alternative two-party preferred counts.

  5. Is there a mistake on BCC Central where you say Vicki Howard is re elected? With 63.3% counted Detail says Greens are ahead.

    COMMENT: The ECQ’s datafile is complex and includes two counts for each polling place and count centre. There is a first count mainly done on election night for each centre, then the official check count done by centre a day or two later. The ABC reads the file and automatically switches over to the check count by centre as they are reported. We basically merge the two counts published on the ECQ site to produce the best count.

    In the case of Central Ward, more than 4,000 postals were first counted last Monday but not check counted. These confirmed the LNP win. On Thursday a second batch of around 450 postal votes were counted and then check counted. As these went in as a check count, our system picked up them and we lost the 4,000 first count postals. That first count should have been check counted before the second postal count was added so our count has gone backwards because the manual count has not been done in the correct order.

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