Jack Buchanan Explains MMP

This is so amusing it deserves a post of its own.

In an attempt to increase youth turnout, the NZ Electoral Commission got Wellington actor Jack Buchanan to come up with this video explaining MMP in cheesy 1980s synth-pop style. I think its sets a challenge to Australian electoral commissions to find similar ways to explain preferential voting, Senate voting and Hare-Clark.

I see shades of Talking Head’s “Once in a Lifetime” in the video.

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  1. Tom the first and best

    I wonder if the footage of the ballot paper being put in a ballot box is pre-MMP (pre-1996) (https://youtu.be/uEZCNIhtWjc?t=42). It certainly looks old enough, the ballot paper also looks like it might be small enough to be FPTP only (although I can`t be sure).

    Australia`s electoral commissions tend to rely more on compulsory voting for youth turnout than catchy videos. Videos catchy explaining the electoral system would be good though.

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