Federal Election Guide Published

It hasn’t had it’s formal launch yet, but my 2022 Federal Election Guide has been published by the ABC.

Here’s the link

That’s the link to the overall election preview which includes links to a preview for the contest in each state.

At the top of the page are the usual links to Electorate and Candidate index pages. From these you can navigate to a profile for every electorate.

There’s more to be added to the site but this is a good start.

I hope to have a swing calculator added within a week which allows you to turn polls into projected seats won. We’re having a few technical problems in getting it to publish at the moment. These things are getting harder to publish each election with the need to have it accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Also to come is a Senate guide and more candidate profiles on each guide page.

These guides are very difficult to proof read as it is a growing site. If you spot any obvious errors, use the ‘Feedback’ link on each page to let me know, or send an e-mail to elections-at-abc.net.au.

2 thoughts on “Federal Election Guide Published”

  1. Hi Antony, great guide once again.
    You do have an error on the North Sydney page though. You have omitted that the gap between the LIB 2PP vs the statewide 2PP is as low as it ha been in many decades (you say it averages 10%, but it is at a low point of 7.5%) and that 2PP swings of the magnitude needed to threaten continued Liberal hold on the seat occurred in Warringah, Wentworth and Kooyong at the last election.

  2. Hi Antony,
    Do the Nationals ever put a candidate in a metropolitan city?

    COMMENT: They did in Victoria and Queensland in the 1980s in a period of serious Coalition disputes. Urban Nationals have disappeared since.

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