Dunkley and Inala by-elections, Brisbane City Council Elections

A quick update on looming elections and my guides to the contests for each.

I’ve prepared ABC election guides for the Dunkley by-election on 2 March, Inala by-election on 16 March, and the Brisbane City Council elections the same day.

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The date of the Dunkley by-election has been set for Saturday 2 March. The by-election has been caused by the sad death of Labor MP Peta Murphy. My comprehensive guide to Dunkley by-election can be found on the ABC elections site. The ABC news channel will provide coverage of the result on the night of 2 March as well as an online results service.

The by-election for the Queensland state seat of Inala will be held on Saturday 16 March. The by-election has been caused by the resignation of MP and former Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. I have also prepared a comprehensive guide for the Inala by-election.

The Inala by-election will be held on the same day as Queensland’s local government elections, 16 March. By far the biggest Queensland council, and the council where the state parties are directly involved, is Brisbane City Council.

Brisbane City Council (BCC) has more residents and voters than Tasmania and the two territories combined. BCC is not like other local governments, being involved in the provision of services that in other states would be the preserve of state government.

The Council consists of a popularly elected Lord Mayor and 26 Councillors. Local wards are the size of Queensland state electorates. The election is conducted by optional preferential voting.

The LNP has held the Lord Mayoralty since 2004 and has controlled the Council since 2008. Of the 26 Councillors, there are 19 LNP members, five Labor plus one Green and one Independent. The huge success of the Greens in central Brisbane raises prospects that the party could have similar success at the BCC election. With a Queensland state election set for October this year, there will be great interest in the result and what it suggests may happen come October.

At this link I have prepared a full guide at the ABC Elections site for Brisbane City Council election with background on all the contests and candidates. A full results service will be provided on the ABC site on election night. At this stage it is planned there will be a local radio coverage of the results (more information later).

Hope you find the guides useful.

3 thoughts on “Dunkley and Inala by-elections, Brisbane City Council Elections”

  1. Thanks for the blog post and the guides Antony. The BCC election is definitely looking interesting, as the first contest where three parties are within reach of the top job for a while. I can’t wait for your coverage of the first 3 elections of the year.

  2. Thanks for the blog Antony. With the by-election in Cook due in the first half of the year, do you think that the Liberal party would ask the MPs for McPherson, Leichhardt and Forrest to bring forward their resignation and trigger by-elections on the same day?

    With them being safe seats and the recent trends of the other party not contesting by-elections, together with the messaging it could send, I wonder if it would be a consideration?

    COMMENT: I don’t see any reason why the Liberal Party would do that. Expensive by-election campaigns in far flung parts of the country entirely for the convenience of the party rather than voters.

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