Coverage of Tasmanian State Election and Dunstan By-election

This is one of my usual posts on election night designed to deal with the surge of visitors to the site driven by Google searches.

I will not be posting here this evening as I am involved in the ABC’s live coverage of the Tasmanian election. The coverage is being broadcast live across Tasmania from 6pm eastern daylight time on the ABC’s main channel, and across Australia on the ABC News channel. There will also be updates of the important Dunstan by-election in South Australia during the Tasmanian coverage.

The ABC will also be publishing live results at ABC-online. Access the Tasmanian live results site here. You can also find the Dunstan by-election results here.

Inside this post I have information on the early vote at both elections.

The 2024 election sees an increase in the size of the Tasmanian House of Assembly from 25 to 35 seats, seven members to be elected from each of the state’s five House of Representatives divisions using the Hare-Clark electoral system.

This is the first Tasmanian election where there have been more than 400,000 voters on the electoral roll.

The election has produced a record early vote as shown in the table below.

Early Voting – Tasmanian Election
Division Enrolment Pre-Polls % of Roll
Bass 80,126 15,995 20.0
Braddon 83,875 19,928 23.8
Clark 74,236 15,037 20.3
Franklin 82,238 17,179 20.9
Lyons 87,722 14,649 16.7
Tasmania 408,197 82,788 20.3

A total of 29,245 postal vote packs have been sent to voters representing 7.2% of enrolled voters. 22,937 postal votes have been returned representing 78% of dispatched postals and 5.6% of enrolment.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) will count all polling day votes tonight, and intends to count all within district pre-poll votes and all processed postal votes. I understand some pre-poll out-of-division votes will also be counted tonight.

If all planned counting is completed tongight, there will be no new counting tomorrow, Sunday. The TEC does not intend to do any more declaration vote (postal and provisional) counting until Thursday. All counting from Monday to Wednesday will be check counting, a detailed review of ballot papers to weed out any informal votes. At this stage the TEC does not intend to release count updates in this period. The finalisation of postal vote counting, and provisional vote counting, along with the setting of quota for each division, will take place on the Tuesday after Easter.

The TEC also undertakes what is known as an amalgamation count where votes for candidates are taken out of their polling place bundles and amalgamated into division wide totals. To speed the initial stages of the preference distribution, the TEC will also do some initial sorting of ballot papers for over quota candidates into second preference bundles to speed up the early stages of the distribution of preferences.

For the Dunstan by-election, from an enrolment of 27,108, 2,543 postal votes have been returned representing 9.4% of enrolment, and 4,546 pre-poll votes have been taken representing 16.8% of enrolment. Note that South Australia still takes pre-poll votes as declaration votes, and under current SA electoral law, these votes are not available for counting on election night. The only votes to be counted for Dunstan tonight are those cast in polling places today. Declaration votes will be counted from Monday.

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  1. Thanks for a great coverage of the election tonight Antony! When do you expect the count to finalise and we know the final 2 or 3 members in each division?

    COMMENT: Distribution of preferences starts the Tuesday after election day.

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