A Quick Guide to the Willoughby By-election

The resignation of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her intention to resign from parliament means there will soon be a by-election for her safe seat of Willoughby.

I’ve removed my blog post for the Willoughby by-election as it has now been published on the ABC elections page. I’ve left this post here as a stub rather than break links on Google searches.

I also wrote a piece at the time of the resignations for ABC news on what’s happening with the by-elections.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Guide to the Willoughby By-election”

  1. Can you clarify the actual names of the parties in the long weekend version? Most are obvious, but not all.

    COMMENT: Animal Justice, Flux, Keep Sydney Open, Sustainable Australia. A couple of parties trying to boost their Legislative Council vote.

  2. Do you think there is any chance this seat could go to Labor like what happened in the Miranda by election or a high risk of the Liberals losing Willoughby?

    COMMENT: In Miranda the by-election was won by a popular former Labor MP for the seat who had retired at the previous election, and there was criticism of the departing Liberal MP for having resigned for another job only two years after being elected. There are no former Labor MPs for Willoughby alive, and Ms Berejiklian will attract little local criticism for resigning, and her resignation will probably attract some sympathy from locals.

  3. When/how do the Libs determine their candidate?

    COMMENT: Some time in the next few days the Liberal Party will make an announcement on when and how it will select a candidate for Willoughby.

  4. Hi Antony. Any chance they will drop Chikka into Willoughby? That would be fun! LOL. Seriously, it’s obviously a very very important seat to hold.. so who have they got? All eyes on pre-selection?

    COMMENT: I don’t really follow pre-elections. I wait for the candidate to be decided before paying much attention.

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