2022 Victorian Election – Early Voting by District

UPDATED – figures to Thursday 24 November

The table inside this post shows the rate of Early voting by district. Separate totals are provided for Postal applications and Pre-Poll votes.

The table is sortable by all four columns but here’s a summary of the three lowest and highest values.

Taking pre-poll votes and postal applications together, more than half of all electorates have passed 50% of enrolment.

Total Early Vote

  • Highest % – Nepean 67.6, Mornington 66.0, St Albans 65.3, Niddrie 65.1
  • Lowest % – Eildon 47.0, Lowan 47.7, Preston 47.9, Monbulk 48.3

Postal Vote Applications (now closed)

  • Highest % – Caulfield 21.1, Box Hill 19.4, Bulleen 18.6, Glen Waverley 18.2
  • Lowest % – Murray Valley 7.6, Morwell 7.7, Ovens Valley 7.9, South-West Coast 7.9

Pre-Poll Votes

  • Highest % – St Albans 53.0, Nepean 51.7, Melton 51.7, Niddrie 50.5
  • Lowest % – Eildon 31.0, Monbulk 33.9, Albert Park 35.5, Preston 35.5

Full details for all districts inside the post.

7 thoughts on “2022 Victorian Election – Early Voting by District”

  1. I can’t at first look see a pattern, especially among pre-polling. It doesn’t seem to be an urban/rural or labor/liberal or target/marginal/safe divide. Of course it will be a mix of things. Maybe how well situated the pre-poll centres are?

    1. I thought that was the case for Preston, which only has one pre-poll centre on the eastern edge of the electorate, but their postal vote applications are also low.

  2. I’m in Preston and the voting location is poor for my location with only 1 option. I have 3 close by to me in the next electorate though. I think the location isn’t helping being away from the centre of the electorate.

    COMMENT: If there are closer ones in a neighbouring electorate you can use them. It doesn’t matter which electorate a pre-poll centre is in at a Victorian election, your vote is still an ordinary vote that goes straight into a ballot box.

    1. Our Early Voting Centre on Keilor Road Niddrie was very successful, and busy for the entire two weeks. It was well served by tram and bus, and parking was pretty good as well. This partially resulted from the location being fairly convenient for a lot of voters in the neighbouring seat of Essendon, and in fact the EVC was a ‘home’ centre for Essendon as well.

      As noted in the comment above, absentee votes from all other districts were treated as ordinary votes, with no requirement to complete a declaration envelope.

  3. What chance a hung parliament. If the liberals wanted a close race they picked the right Guy!

    Liberals could of easily won if they had run a drovers dog.

  4. I would say the eildon electorate has the smallest early votes because there is no where to do it. It’s quite a large geographical area and there is one early polling at one end and one at the other. Therefore if you live in the middle like I do it’s around a 3 hour return trip to vote early

  5. Antony when will the two party preferred vote come out in the seats where there was no labour vs Liberal contests in the 2022 Victorian election

    COMMEJNT: Some time after the return of the writ which is still 2-3 weeks away.

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